Groundwater Information

2011 Groundwater Information / Education and Well Testing Program

Groundwater contributes over 33% of the annual water coming into Geneva Lake. It also is the major source of drinking water for the over 2,000 private drinking water wells in the Linn Sanitary District. Because of its importance to the Geneva Lake area, the Linn Sanitary District (LSD) and the Geneva Lake Environmental Agency (GLEA) have entered into a mutual agreement to conduct an extensive campaign to educate the residents of the Geneva Lake area about groundwater’s importance and well testing. It is the hope of both the GLEA and the LSD that by the end of summer residents of the Geneva Lake area will gain a better appreciation of groundwater and its protection while learning how to test their drinking water as a means of understanding their drinking water quality.


A major component of the Groundwater Information and Education and Well Testing program will be the dissemination by mail throughout the summer of five groundwater information flyers. These flyers will be four pages of information about different aspects of groundwater. They will be written in simple understandable language with figures and tables.

To view these flyers, click the links below:

An additional information paper addressing some of the groundwater quality issues in the Geneva Lake/Walworth County area has been prepared and will be disseminated. Much of this information will also be posted on the District’s web page and the Agency’s webpage.