Nature Park


  • Hours: Dawn until Dusk
  • Take all your trash with you
  • Park Pavilion Reservation form is available here.
  • Stay on designated trails


The Nature Park was first purchased in 1999 by the Geneva Lakes Conservancy. With a donation from a local resident, the Town acquired the Park from the Conservancy and placed in under easement.

The Park boasts two miles of marked trails, a pavilion, silos, 154 gently rolling acres with tall grass prairie, wetland and savannah habitats – home to many grassland birds including Henlow’s and Grasshopper Sparrows, Bobolink, and the Eastern Meadowlark. Hiking or horseback riding offer both educational and recreational opportunities in this protected grassland habitat.

Extensive removal of invasive and undesirable plant species such as buckthorn, honeysuckle and box elder, is an ongoing project at the Park. Controlled prescription burning is utilized as on management tool, which counters invasive plants as well as returns necessary nutrients to the soil.

In 2008, Linn was recognized by the United States Environmental Protection Agency for its work on the Park and for restoring habitat for Wisconsin birds.