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Sanitary District

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The Linn Sanitary District is happy to welcome you to our web-page. As we move into the next phase of the District’s sanitary wastewater management efforts we look forward to keeping you and all the District’s residents up-to-date and informed on what is going on through the use of this web-page.

The Linn Sanitary District meets the second Wednesday of the month at 7:00pm in the Town Hall meeting room. It is an open meeting and we encourage all who care to attend to do so.

Most residence in the Linn Sanitary District are served by private wells.  To assure that their drinking water is safe and that the groundwater that supplies water to Geneva Lake is of good quality, a comprehensive well testing program was conducted.  Working together the Linn Sanitary District, the Geneva Lake Environmental Agency, Walworth County Public Health and George Williams College identified, sampled and assessed over 400 private wells.

This program found that the ground water quality is good from a bacterial and nitrate perspective.

For more information about drinking water and the results of the testing program click here.

A Compilation of Summaries from the Various Wastewater Facilities Planning Reports/Studies Conducted By the Linn Sanitary District Walworth County, WI

We would like to thank all who took the time to complete the Linn Sanitary District’s on-line survey this summer. Your efforts will help us develop future sanitary waste management for the Linn Sanitary District.

A Report on Well Testing Result of Public and Private Wells Within the Linn Sanitary District Between 2017-2021

For a discussion on the survey results click here.

Survey Results

Sub Areas and System Types

For information on groundwater and its importance to the Geneva Lake area along click here

The Wisconsin fund is a Private Onsite Wastewater Treatment Replacement or Rehabilitation Financial assistance program offered by the State of Wisconsin and administered by the Counties. For more info click on PDF file brochure: "Wisconsin Fund, Private Sewage System Replacement or Rehabilitation Grant Program"

For information on care and maintenance of your private on-site wastewater treatment system (POWTS) click here. Take a few minutes to review and follow some of the suggestions on taking care of your POWTS for a longer lasting and more effective treatment of your wastewater. Further information can be found at

Documents about well water and on-site water reuse systems:

Financial assistance for individuals for private drinking water and wastewater systems can be found at:

For Summer E-coli bacteria test results of the Town of Linn’s public beaches as well as all Geneva Lake municipal public beaches visit .