Notifying Alarms / Lifeline Alarms

Attention: All property owners with Notifying Alarm Systems, and Lifeline Alarm systems

It is the Policy of the Town Of Linn Fire/EMS Department to gain entry to any structure if we are dispatched for a trouble alarm on your property. These types of alarms include, but may not be limited to:

  • Smoke Alarms
  • Heat Detector Alarms
  • Carbon Monoxide Alarms
  • Lifeline Alarms
  • General Fire Alarms

Forced entry may cause damage to your property, and leave it not secured. The Town Of Linn Fire/EMS Department has some suggestions which may prevent this from happening:

  1. Have a designated key holder available 24 hrs. per day to respond promptly with keys, and alarm codes and contact numbers. It is imperative to notify your Alarm Company with the contact information of your key holder as well as any changes made to that designated person. If per our dispatch no key holder is available, or the time of arrival is unreasonable, we will force entry to your property.
  2. Install a Knox-BoxThe Town of Linn Fire/EMS Department participates in this program in which a Knox-Box is installed at your property in an agreeable location and provides the Town Of Linn Fire/EMS Department access to this device with a key only the Town Of Linn Fire/EMS Department has access to. In the Knox-Box, keys, alarm codes, and contact numbers can be stored for your property to avoid forced entry and time delays. Please contact the Department at (262) 249-8808 or visit our web-site for more information.
  3. Properties with entrance gates are also recommended to have a Knox-Box or Knox-Gate Key installed to avoid entrance gate damage.
  4. Please maintain your alarm system regularly, this can prevent false calls and ensure that your system is always in operating condition.
  5. After entrance and if the alarm system is suspect of malfunctioning, the Town Of Linn Fire/EMS Department will attempt to disable the system to prevent recurrence of false alarms until the Alarm System can be serviced. A sticker with the Alarm Company info. is helpful if located on the electronics service panel.