Snow & Ice Parking Regulations: Starting November 15th, street parking on Town roads is prohibited from the start of winter weather events, including snow, freezing rain, and/or sleet, until after snow and/or ice are removed. The purpose is for safe and efficient use of Town roads.  Signs were installed to advise road users throughout the Town. The snow & ice street parking regulations are in effect until April 1.  A full copy of Town Ordinance 2023-002, Snow & Ice Parking Regulations, is available at  Thank you for your cooperation in advance of the winter season. Be safe!


2019 Boat Launch Fees

Due to the COVID 19 emergency, the Town of Linn Clerk’s office will be only doing seasonal boat launch passes through the mail until further notice.  Please mail all requests to Town of Linn P.O. Box 130 Zenda WI. 53195.  Include a copy of your current Boat registration, the license plate number of the tow vehicle and a check in the amount of the fee written to the Town of Linn.  If you are a veteran, please include proof of you service instead of the fee.  We are sorry for the inconvenience.