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Online Property Tax Payment Process. E-Check payments only 25-cents!

You can pay your 2022 property taxes online through the Walworth County website 

You can pay your taxes online via Echeck for 25-cents (you just need to provide your checking routing & account number), via debit card ($3.95 convenience fee) or credit card (2.2% convenience fee on the amount you’re paying). Payments must be less than $100,000.  

How do you make an online tax payment? 
Instructions are available at the Town of Linn website. Here is a direct link to the full instructions:

If you need additional assistance, please contact Administrator-Treasurer Jim Hurley at 262-275-6300 ext. 12 or 

When will your 2022 tax bill become available? 

Tax bills are anticipated to be mailed sometime between December 12 – 16. However, your bill may become available sooner at the Walworth County website.