Special Residential Brush Pick Up: SPECIAL RESIDENTIAL BRUSH PICK UP   The Town of Linn will be offering a ONE-TIME brush pick up for ice storm related damage starting Monday, March 6th at 7:00 a.m.  THIS IS FOR STORM RELATED DAMAGE ONLY, Residents are to have all branches placed at the edge of the road shoulder, cut end facing the road.  Please line up branches and do not make a pile and do not place anything on the paved surface of the road.  This pick up DOES NOT include any private road(s).   Branches must be no longer than 8’ and less than 12” in diameter, NO EXCEPTIONS Crews will come down each street once. There will be NO call-backs to have crews return. It will be the crews discretion what can and will be chipped. There will be no branches accepted with dirt, debris, garbage, etc. in them. No stumps, no piles of twigs Due to the volume of debris, individual requests for woodchips and/or wood will not occur. The schedule will be as follows: Main Roads; Linton, Willow and South Lakeshore; West to East. North Shore; East to West starting with Snake Road. Subdivisions and roads from the lake to South Lakeshore; West to East. Roads between South Lakeshore and County B; West to East Road South of County B; West to East including Westside and Armsby. There will be multiple crews working within the Town so multiple locations may be being worked on simultaneously. Amount of material, availability of equipment/personnel and weather will dictate how fast a crew moves through a certain area.  Please be aware that piles may remain for many weeks due to the volume of debris to be cleaned up. IT IS STRONGLY RECOMMENDED THAT YOU HAVE YOUR BRANCHES BY THE ROAD AT THE BEGINNING OF OUR START DATE.

Possible Snow Emergency Beginning Tomorrow Afternoon

Depending on tomorrow’s weather, the Town of Linn may declare a snow emergency.

Snow is forecasted throughout tomorrow, and wind chills will fall to -25F by the end of the day. Strong winds are expected with gusts of 35 to 48 MPH from tomorrow night through Saturday morning. Conditions are expected to improve in the afternoon, but cold and windy weather will continue through Sunday.

Weather dependent, the Town is prepared to issue a snow emergency to notify residents of hazardous outdoor and road conditions, and prohibit parking on Town roads for the duration of the emergency.

If at all possible, we urge you to remain off the roads. If you must use the roads, we recommend you dress for cold weather, keep a blanket, emergency kit, and a cell phone. If there is an emergency, please stay in your vehicle.

Dial 911 to report downed power lines and emergencies.