Special Residential Storm Debris Pick up Starting on July 8th: SPECIAL RESIDENTIAL STORM DEBRIS PICK UP The Town of Linn is offering a ONE-TIME pick up for storm-related damage starting on Monday, July 8th at 7:00 a.m. THIS IS FOR WOODY VEGETATION ONLY. Residents are to have all logs and branches placed at the edge of the road shoulder, cut end facing the road as best as you are able. The Town will not pick up debris on private property. Do not make a pile or place anything on the paved surface of the road. This one-time pick up DOES NOT include any private road(s). Crews will come down all public streets once for pickup. There will be NO call-backs to have crews return. Due to the volume of debris, individual requests to leave wood will not be honored. Residents can expect temporary road closures to allow crews to work as safely and efficiently as possible. The clean-up equipment cannot pick up every piece of debris.  Small twigs and leaves may remain after a crew comes by. Final clean-up is the responsibility of the property owner. The schedule will be as follows:Main Roads; Linton, Willow and South Lakeshore; West to East.North Shore; East to West starting with Snake Road.Subdivisions and roads from the lake to South Lakeshore; West to East, starting at Shadow Lane.Subdivisions and roads between South Lakeshore and County B; West to East, starting with Maple Hills.Roads South of County B; West to East including Westside and Armsby; starting with Linn-Walworth Townline. There will be multiple crews working simultaneously at different locations within the Town of Linn. The amount of material, availability of equipment/personnel and weather will determine how fast crews move through any given area. Please be aware that piles may not be picked up for several weeks due to the volume of debris to be cleaned up. IT IS STRONGLY RECOMMENDED THAT YOU HAVE YOUR BRANCHES AND LOGS OUT BY THE ROAD AT THE BEGINNING OF OUR START DATE.

Directions to check the status of property tax payments, or submit online tax payments

Town of Linn property owners can check the status of property tax payments, or submit online property tax payments at the Walworth County Website: https://ascent.co.walworth.wi.us/LandRecords/PropertyListing/RealEstateTaxParcel#/Search

We recommend you do not enter your parcel number. To simplify, please select “Town of Linn” as the Municipality, and enter the last name of the property owner. If the property is owned under an LLC or Trust then you will enter under last name. 

Once you enter the owner name, select from the dropdown, and then click “Find Now”. The property information will generate at the bottom, and then you will click on the parcel number.

You will then be directed to a page that allows you to check the status of a property tax payment, or submit an online property tax payment.

Full directions to submit online property tax payments are available here: https://townoflinn.wi.gov/frequently-asked-questions/ 

If you have any issues, please contact Town administration at 262-275-6300, or email the Administrator-Treasurer at admin@townoflinn.wi.gov

Town of Linn